Rudzie Deer Farm near Gołdap is among the most spectacular European scale undertakings in the new branch of agriculture that deer farming still is. Rudzie farm has about 350 hectares fenced land (33 km fencing), with more than 250 hectares divided into 20 grazing plots. The herd is complete and has about 800-1300 animals.


Breeding for meet

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We want to make it the main line of production and the basis of our farms’ functioning. It seems to be the major direction of breeding in the future on the majority of deer farms worldwide, and particularly in Europe (the ban on cutting growing antlers and thus producing so-called ‘velvet’). The example of New Zealand proves that. And thus, sooner or later, when competition starts, efficiency and expenses will begin to count. We think it is right to prepare in advance…

Breeding stock

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The starting point for the Polish line of European farm deer is the herd bought from the Research Station IP PAN in Kosewo Górne. It was the only domestic deer herd in the country built up form the base, i.e. based on genetic material obtained from different Polish hunting grounds. The herd has a nearly 30-year history. It is so valuable and promising that we decided not only to keep but also develop it. In two directions – for crossbreeding our stags with English hinds and for ‘pure’ blood breeding (selling breeding material).


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We offer selected high class breeding material:
- English, English-Polish and Polish line deer hinds
- 1,5 - 4 year old deer stags
Details (quantities, prices) for individual negotiation, full records of animals available (also photographs). Own transport up to 20 animals, it is possible to organize specialized transport for bigger quantities.
Sales inside the country and abroad.


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